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We are Jesus’s disciples, including Deacons, Nuns, and Lay people who have passion for the poor and the less fortunate people. Most of us are volunteers. Our overhead expenses is under 10%. So 90% of your donation is go toward the needy.

Our main ministry is to provide life-sustaining rice monthly to the elderly poor internationally with no boundary. Thank you for your donations over the years, we are currently serving about 15,000 people in Asia (Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia); in Africa (Tanzania and Congo); in Central America (El Salvador); and in South America (Colombia); and more Countries are in work.

Most of the elderly poor are either having health problems and/or disability. They do not have income nor government welfare as we do in USA. They cannot survive without aids and their lives are depend on the mercy of others.

The cost is very from Country to Country. Between 5$ - 10$ is enough to support a person for a month. These elderly poor really need our help. Please do what you can to save the lives of our least brothers and sisters in Christ. You are surely be remembered by all!

On behalf of the Volunteers of Teresa Charities, we thank you very much for your generous hearts! May God bless us all and our ministry. Together, we will make a difference in the lives of those whom we serve.

Deacon, An Thanh Vu

Executive Director of Teresa Charities