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Dear Deacon An Vu,
On Thursday last week we had the distribution of rice to our poor aged members of St. Teresa's family, as we used to do every month. We are grateful for your support and all the activities taking place under the supervision of Teresa' family. the week members are now becoming strong and health due to your support. We pray that the Almighty God may reward you accordingly. Below are photos during the distribution of rice.
I would like also to give you the report about the progress of the establishing the family of st. Martin (Devout Couple). I am doing well with the movement. Yesterday I had a meeting with  the couples from three parishes: Mahida parish (my parish), Usseri parish and Mengwe parish. We had six couples from Mahida, three from Mengwe and three from Usseri. All have the required qualities. They appreciated the movement and promised to be the promoters of this movement in their area they live.
I would like to ask more about the letter of recommendation: I hope I am suppose to feel the names of the couple in the letter you sent to me!!
Thanks very much Deacon,

Yours Fr Gaudence.