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Dear Deacon An Vu and Deacon Jose,
 As we had to visit three  people in the last distribution of rice, this time we visited them again at their home but in addition to grandmother of Marta! I gave you the history of the three people that is Peter, Lidia and Agatha.  This time I will introduce to you grandmother  Martha. She lives only with his grand child Martha who is standard six. She had nor husband nor a child. This time we visited her at home as she is sick and failed to come to join us. We distributed the rice to her and her grandchild. They were very happy and appreciated very much the support of Teresa's family.
Below is the attachment of the four people who we visited them at their  home: They are sick, cannot join us during the meeting for prayer and bible sharing nor during the distribution of rice. The first two photos belong to Martha and her grandmother,  the following three pictures belong to Peter. He is in bed as he cannot stand up.  The following four pictures belong to Agatha and her husband and daughter and the last two photos belong to Lidia, the blind.

Thanks very much, Fr. Gaudence.