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Dear Deacon An Vu and Deacon Josee
Thanks for sharing  the letter from Archbishop of Portland! They give us more insight on establishing this family on Diocesan level. On my part I still working by giving education to the couples and I expect on February I will have a meeting with couples from different parishes which I have visited and educate them.
On Friday last week I had meeting with the members of St. Teresa's family. After prayer and sharing the Word of God, we distributed the rice to the poor. They are so grateful for love and concern of ST Teresa family. They appreciate that they are health and happy this new year because of your support. "May God bless you, bless the whole family of St Teresa", it is our prayer!
We pray for St Teresa family every week we meet for prayer and sharing the word of God.
Below is the attachment of the pictures during the distribution of rice.
Thanks very much Deacon, God bless you!

Yours in Christ Fr Gaudence