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1.      Foundation and development


On May 10th, 2011, Deacon Founder John Mary Teresa An Thanh Vu, along with father Peter Bui Ngoc Tuan (parish priest of Phu Ly) and father Anthony Vu Duc Tu (representative of Thanh Hoa Family) visited the archbishop of Hanoi, Peter Nguyen Van Nhon. He discussed, asked for permission, and archbishop agreed and approved the Family Therese of the Child Jesus founded in his archdiocese.


Be based on the permissibility of the archbishop, the Phu Ly Family of Saint Therese was founded, located in Phuly parish, archdiocese of Hanoi.

Since then, this family has been developing and now it has 11 branches in some other dioceses: Two in Bac Ninh diocese; two in Xuan Loc diocese; two in Buon Ma Thuat diocese; one in Bui Chu diocese; one in Thai Binh diocese and one in Hung Hoa diocese.


2.      Personnel

Phu Ly Family of Saint Therese has 30 sisters who are now living and serving in branches of the family. And in order to fulfill the charisma of the vocation of the Therese Family, the sisters have been receiving the assistance and cooperation of bishops, parish priests, and in particular of sisters of charity Congregation of Vinh, and of more than 100 volunteers in cases of distributing to the poor, the suffering monthly. They are also helped by three spiritual fathers: Fr. Fransis Tran An, Fr. Vincent Tran Van Duong and Fr. Peter Do Van Chung.




3.      Material base


Phu Ly Family of Saint Therese has two houses; One for looking after children, students who are volunteers of the family also live here, and the other with a chapel is the living house of 15 sisters of the family.



4.      Activities


The daily activities of the sisters of Phu Ly Family include:

-     Taking care of about 50 poor children.

-     Providing charity medical care and treatment for the poor in Phu Ly parish and the surrounding.

-     Regularly visiting and providing treatments for the elderly, sick, especially for whom are disabled to move.

-     Helping the parish priest of Phu Ly in pastoral works:  arranging the flower in the church, teaching to the choirs, catechizing the teenagers and catechumens.

-     Supporting financial for pro-life movement, and sisters themselves participate in burying killed fetuses.

-     Helping the women in unintended pregnancy: taking care of and assisting them when they are giving birth; and bringing up their infants when they can not.

-     Distributing food (the gift of Lazaro) to the poor, the old, and the suffering monthly.



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