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2. Danh Sach Thanh Vien + Thien Nguyen Vien



In 2011. After the establishment, the community group of Teresa Charity Association in Phu Nhai has gone into stability. Considering the good activities of the members of Teresa Charity Association, Bishop Joseph Hoang Van Tiem further proposed with the Founder-Deacon about  building more facilities to develop and meet partially  the needs of Teresa Charity Associations with the aim of  helping the needy elderly people in Vietnam in general, especially the needy elderly in Bui Chu diocese in private. Besides, Bishop Joseph Hoang Van Tiem led the Founder-Deacon to Duc Nghia parish in collaboration with the Parish Father in the scope of doing missions here.

After Bishop Joseph and the Founder-Deacon did geographical surveys and other matters related to the opening of the Community group of Teresa Charities, both of them  found this area is not convenient for the establishing of Community group, Bishop Joseph continued to lead the Founder-Deacon to Phuong Chinh parish, with the enthusiastic support of the priest of Phuong Chinh parish and the consultancy of local people here.

After the reflections and the prayers, the Bishop and the Founder-Deacon decided to establish a community group of Teresa Charity Association here. And they asked Sister Marie Nguyen Thi Thu Huong of Bui Chu-Dominicans diocese for leading her sisters in the early difficult stage. From this parish, a community group of Teresa Charity Association was established. Currently, there are two sisters who take of serving 100 needy elderly in the Phuong Chinh parish.




As a side job without the payday, in general the aim of the priests it is  education of Catholic Faith for the local people, the members in this parish  are also called upon to collaborate with the parish priest in teaching Catholicism and singing practice for the Choir, through these missionaries spiritual life of the people of God become fresher, live with their Catholic faith more really, the education of Catholic faith for children makes the society reduce crimes and pushes them come to the Holy spirit more diligently.



Once upon a time Lazaros used to knock the doors of the rich to ask for some waste grains of rice. Today, our members have to look for Lazaros on all the streets, on all the narrow alleys to give them love of neighbor and holy service . . The Joy of being received and the joy of giving between the receiver and the giver who seem to become one for two and two for one, Currently the community group of Teresa Charities Association has been taking care of 100 needy Lazaros. The members often pay visits, do care regularly and giving the gifts very modest but they bring joy to the needy elderly through meals filled with love of neighbor in the God’s love. The members hope there will be more hands to donate for the lives with unluckiness-they still need our support.



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