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OCT 8, 2016

Catholic Family Recognition October 8, 2016 Photos

In the year of Mercy



Imbued by the inspiration of St Therese of Lisieux and her family, Deacon An Vu created a  crusade to extol holy couples who mirror the good deeds and virtues of the venerable parents of St. Therese, Stl. Louis and Zelie Martin who were canonized as saints, and dubbed as “the first holy couple” last October 18,2015 by Pope Francis. Deacon An always believed that  anybody is closer to sainthood by taking the ”lift ” or elevator  up to heaven and  it is but fitting to recognize the parents as the backbone of the family to led its children to the ultimate goal of having a deeper relationship with God and having heaven as one’s ultimate destination.



After the resounding success of the  retreat last July 23,graced by 11 wonderful couples,  the Teresa Family recognized now both families of deceased couples and living  couples at  Our Lady of Sorrows  last October 8 to experience the joy and celebration in  upholding the family as the fountainhead that will shine through at all times both in prosperity and even adversity. 


After the registration of the recognized couples  and while serving them  refreshments, Ely  Ganaban sang contemplative songs to the audience after the Divine Mercy Rosary  he  led and supported by his wife Melba Ganaban; Betty Cain, Sister Eufemia, Rosyland Casper Bonnie Custer highlighted the life and characteristics of the life of Saint Louis and Zelie Martin.  She said that their family life is far from perfect since they both had religious aspirations, St Louis aspired to be a monk and wished to enter at the Augustinian Great St.  Bernard Monastery yet he was rejected since he did not succeed in learning  Latin. He became  a watchmaker instead. Meantime, Zlie also aspired to become a nun but was turned away by Sisters of  Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul  due to her frail health. She suffered recurrent headaches and respiratory difficulties. She later prayed and met Louis and married after  a three month courtship and after a year of celibacy vowed to multiply and have kids to walk in the light of God. They were  blessed with nine beautiful children. Again, the road was rocky she lost four children and the five girls entered the convent namely Louise, Pauline, Leonie, Celine and of course  the youngest, St. Therese. She also worked successfully as  a lacemaker and her husband gave up his business to to in partnership with her.


Bonnie and Deacon An both resounded the credo that  the parents of  St Therese had trust and providence in God so deep is their  relationship that  despite their ordinariness as a couple, they had these seven characteristics deeply rooted into their DNA namely   Putting God first;  Loving each other unconditionally;  Attending mass  and  reconciliation regularly; Participate with parish events; Giving alms to the poor and performing corporeal acts of mercy; active members of organizations to name one St Vincent de Paul and also they are parents of  religious having five daughters enter the convent and have their youngest,  St. Therese ,canonized in 1925.


The condensed video presentation of Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers was warmly received by all  especially the  newly recognized couples who showed up in this joyful event  of the  feast of St Therese.   the main root of his message to all is to encourage them to shine the light and pave the way for other couples especially the younger generation  to understand marriage is not  a written contract but a  spiritual covenant  with God. It is firmly planting this relationship with God that the family will  stand solid in whatever they  undergo like the  parents of St . therese they are ordinary couple, who suffered lost four of their children due to illness,  Zelie also suffered pain and suffering with her breast cancer and Louis suffered cerebral arteriosclerosis yet despite that they trust in the providence of God.


Deacon a  Vu conferred recognition during mass highlighted the couples as well as the  family of deceased couples  especially  recognizing the mother of Fr. Ron Millican, Mrs. Arlene Milican . Deacon An mentioned the verse Matthew  :14-16 : You are the light of the world . A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lamp stand, where it gives light to all in the house. Just so , your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.


He told all that  we celebrate the feast of St Therese and the holiness of her parents, Louis and Zelie as our inspiration to be holy even if we all are ordinary. We seek the elevator or lift to holiness as an inspiration to young couples so he encourage all to nominate more couples  in this ongoing annual crusade. He thanked all for coming and participating in the Holy Rosary Procession  around the vicinity of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish led by Fr. Ron Millican. After the procession, a delicious feast of pho and other treats were served to all. 


Below is the additional  list of  the 20  living couples who attended this celebration, to wit:


Angelo, Bob and Ann

Beardall, Chris and Maria

Bortolazzo, Katie and Ben

Brasiers, William Martin and Jeannie Marie

Busman, John Randolph and Elaine Marie

Cain, David and Betty

Carr , Bill and Leslie

Casper , John and Rosyland

Culbertson, David and Sylvia

Fuhrmann, Kai and Maria

Havens, Dan and Sherrie

Long, Tommy and Gennalyn represented by daughter Emma

Nguyen, Breh and Kim Vu        *

Nguyen Theo Doenh, Vincente and Margarita  Nguyen Thi Xuan

Persisch, Don and Cathy            *

Schaffer, Thomas Karl and Debra Marie S.

Schmich, Bob and Betty

Tran, Chau and Anh Fong          *

Womujuni,Vincent and Jacky Mwnaa-Mteba

Zaragoza, Butch and Tess


*Names of couples who will be given certificates shortly


Deceased couples awarded  and accepted by family or friends are as follows, to wit:


Albert and Arlene Millican, parents of Fr. Ron Millican

Andres Gonzalez Torrez and Fredelinda Lopez de Gonzalez parents of Deacon Jose Gonzalez

James L and Dorothy Pittman, parents of Deacon Jim Pittman

Clark and Donna Smith, parents of Bonnie Custer

Ignatius and Teresa Custer, parents of Leo Custer

Severe and Rosalina Ganaban, parents of Ely Ganaban, Rosalina Marker and Wes Del Rosario

Halo and Margarita Vasquez, parents of Melba Ganaban

Eufemio Aquino and Valenta Zeta Duran , parent of Anita Terrobias

Ray and Marie Stobie, parents of Rev Steve Stobie

Lester and Rosemarie Cornelly

Vicente Gonzales and Felicita Melendez, parents of Fr. juan Carlos Gonzalez



Certificates of Recognition will be given to those unable to attend and recognized, to wit:


Bachman, jameninhs and Pam

Beyer, Bryan and Jackie

Cervantes, Raul and Virginia

Crawley, Tim and Ashley

David, Carlos and Siony

Duran, Evelyn and Dave

Garcia, Angel and Alicia

Gaviola,Gilbert and Maryanne

Gayomali, Santiago and Yvette

Hale, Robert and Dina Marie

Henrique, Enrique and Marili

Henry, Hugh Mitchell and Karen Marie

Herrera, Francisco and Maria Jose

Herrera, Gil and Vety

Krizanac, Damir and Tina

Lima, Santos and Fedelina Lopez

Mallari, Franz and Monette

Mendoza, Carlos and Veronica Mora

Nava, Javier Ruiz and Maria Helena

Pioquinto, Jun and Lorena

Rivas, Samuel and Eugenia

Samayoa, Ovidio Enrique and Irma Gladis

Santillan, Javier Ruiz and Maria Hellena Corrillo

Phero Tran Thuy and  Teresa Tran Thi Thom

Guise Nguyen Chinh Lanh and Margarita Doan Ngoc Suong

Vine Son Pham Ngoc Ha and Teresa Tran Phuong Ninh

Giuse Le Khac Ly and Anna Teresa Hoang Thi Mung

Giuse Buru Uy and Maria Bui Thi Kieu

Thomas Nguyen Phu Duc and Anne Vo Thi Diem


Present members who attended were Deacon Jose, Melba and Ely Ganaban, Rosalina Marker, Katie Bortolazzo, Chuck and Jackie Sweet, Leo and Bonnie Custer, and  Ysabel San Pedro Schuld. Other recognizes couples last July 23 were in attendance namely Ely and Melba Ganaban, Leo and Bonnie Custer, Chuck and Jackie Sweet, William and Victoria Casper, Deacon Jose and Maria Gonzalez, and Johan and Ingrid Rhemrev. The other holy couples  unable to attend were Walter and Mary Bartel, Clint and Geri Dodge, Ed and Mary Kraus, Nick and Raquel Naval, Rudy and Luisa del Rosario.