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May 8, 2016  The family of Saint Therese launches St Louis and Zelle Martin Catholic Family Recognition
 To Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, Portland in Oregon USA

Honoring Catholic Mothers & Mothers of Priest

 In the spirit and honor of Mother's Day , May 8,, Deacon An Vu , Deacon of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish and founder of Family of Saint Therese, honored all mothers who has taken a multifaceted role in the lives of their family, career, church  and community at the Our  Lady of Sorrows Parish in Portland , Oregon.
 Deacon An extolled the mother as the solid foundation of the family. She is a source of sustenance, security and reliable partner to her husband. She gives unconditional love and care to all. She is a source of strength to her husband and well being of the family. The basic unit of society is delineated by mother and father . He said that the canonization of Saint Louis and Zelle Martin last October 2015 as a holy couple is a precursor of building a God centered family. The Martin's had nine children ad reared five into adulthood. ,The holy Saint Therese is the youngest child. This couple  loved and accepted  all trials. They labored  and surrendered all their struggles to God. They experienced illnesses and day to day problems yet they never faltered in their faith and dedication to God.
 He invited parishioners could be like them and strive to live a faith centered holy life much like the Martin family. The mother, Zellie, is a business woman, mother and benevolent supporter of the poor and down trodden. He empowered mothers much like St Mary,  the mother of Jesus who surrendered her will to God and  became His mother.
 He proposed that we should honor mothers who gave birth to Priests, since without Priest there is no Church, no Sacraments. From eternity our Lord has chosen the Priests for his sacrificial Ministry and at the same time chose their parents.
 He gave a bouquet of flowers in honor of mother of Fr. Ron and Melba Ganaban as spokesperson on behalf of Family of Saint Therese honored and recognized Arlene Millican , she is the mother of Fr . Ron Millican who expressed his gratitude to all.
 The launch for the recognition of holy couples that typify the virtuous life modeled by Saint Louis and Zelle Martin, aims to empower, engage and inspire a deeper relationship to God, to the church and to the community. The zeal of devotion and dedication aims to enrich and empower families to inspire others to lead a holy life of love and compassion in this world. The recognition highlights the family of Saint Therese to motivate holy couples to be ambassadors of Christ.
 The family of Saint Therese has already had this project implemented in Vietnam and it aims to spread its wings to the other 11 countries it currently serves such as Philippines, El Salvador, Congo, Tanzania, India, Columbia, Indonesia to name a few.
 All mothers were given a stem of roses as a symbol of love and dedication she has given to her family, church, and community as final highlight of the special Mother's Day .
 The family of Saint Therese will encourage other parishes in Portland to join and embrace this recognition that will embolden them to become dynamic Catholics of the 21st century. Nominations are underway and parishes are invited to discern and select their nominations by email, mail or logging in the website .
 Thank you mothers for being the light of the world , the burning lamp in the darkness, the beacon of hope, the balm in midst of pain, Mother , you are one-of-a-kind! As Saint Therese out pours her love, we give each mother today a rose to signify  the little ways of love can move mountains and make a nation rally for Christ in this joyous Mother's Day celebration !
 Let us all rejoice and honor our mothers in earth and in heaven!