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Hail Mary full of Grace, Blessed art thou among women, blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus!

Blessed is the fruit of mother of priest's womb: the man who is the figure of Christ!

The Church honors Our Lady, who is the Mother of Our Lord Jesus.

May I humbly recommend that the Church will honor mother who gives birth to a Priest the minister of our Lord who is risen.

Christ is the source of all priesthood: The priest of old law was a figure of Christ, and the priest of new law acts in the person of Christ. (Catechism of the Catholic Church)

Honoring the parent of priest is not only a mission but also a duty. Without priest there is no Church.

Saint Mary is the Mother of God

Priest's mother is the Mother of Priest!

Priest is a figure of Christ who acts in the person of Christ so the Mother of Priest in some way share the ministry of Saint Mary!

The Mother of Priest should be recognized solemnly in the Church!


From eternity our Lord has chosen the Priests for his sacrificial Ministry and at the same time chose their parents. The Family of Priests and their parents in someway has the same characters of  the tribe of Levi which has been set apart for liturgical service. So, the parents of priest should be recognized separately.

Even I am but a sinner, may I propose that the Church recognizes publicly all the  parents of clerics in Holy Orders: Priests and Deacons for all that they have sacrifice for the Church.  We would invite them to the Family of Saint Mary & Joseph in the Family of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus to receive continuing prayers and blessing from the Church and support each other. ( this is not an obligation). This Family has the same universal charism  according to its Statutes but would serve in the local parish under the guidance of the Pastor.

The Family of Saint Therese will recognize clerics' parents in a Mass, giving them Certificate of Recognitions.   We pray to God asking peace and good health for the living parents and a special place in heaven for the deceased  parents.

This recognition is once for eternity!



Dear Deacon,
Thanks very much for sharing this wonderful truth!
It is true without Mary we would have no Christ, no salvation, no High Priest. The same to our mother, without our mother I could be another person,  with another personality!! The church need to recognize and respect so much the role of the mother of a priest.
I will share this truth with my fellow priests and bishop also all the faithful, need to know and respect this truth.
Thanks very much Deacon for this vision about the role of the  mother of a priest. Let us pray for all the mother of priests to persevere faithful like Mary mother of the High Priest.
God bless you and enlighten you with such truth.

            Fr Gaudence.