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  The Family Of Saint Therese Daily Prayer


( TRUST) O, God. I trust completely in your mercy.  Your arms will take me up to Heaven because You love me.  In returning your love, I love you with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength.  I will show my love for you, O God, by obedience to your commands, by loving, respecting, supporting and serving my brothers and sisters.  I surrender completely to your Divine Providence, I love all things that happen to me including suffering because it purifies and sanctifies me. O God, and I forgive all for your glory.

( HUMILITY) O Lord, I will become like a child, expecting everything from You.  Without You, I am nothing;  I want to be at the lowest possible place.  In some ways everybody is better than I so I respect everybody especially the children the most vulnerable.

( PRAYER) I raise my soul to You, O God, always.  I think of You and I try to be always with You.  I beg You. O God, to give me a pure heart, to clear my mind of sinful thoughts and to give me the grace of not desiring to accumulate money, or material goods.  Further, I ask that you free me from all sexual lust so prevalent in the world.

( WORK) All the little things I do, I do them for You, O God.  I do them diligently with all my loving heart.  I offer to You, O God, all the little deeds of this day, begging You to have mercy on sinful souls and to save them.

( READINESS) I repent of my sins and I promise to keep my soul clean of sin so that I will always be ready for You, O God, to take me to Heaven to be with You forever.


From  The Little Way of Love, St. Therese's doctrine 

prepared by Rev. Mr. An Thanh Vu