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Private Association of the Faithful

Nature, Purpose and Name

Art. 1.  The Family of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus is a Private Association of the Faithful, wherein which its members, by private agreement, chose to follow the charism outlined in these statutes. (CC 298, § 1; 299, § 1, 2; 321)

Art. 2. The purpose of the Family of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus (CC 304, § 1) is to love the Lord, the Good Shepherd and come to Him through the Little Way of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.

Art. 3.  The association's name The Family of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus refers to a spiritual family of Catholics praying and performing spiritual and corporal works of mercy under the banner of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. (CC 304, § 2)


Art. 4.  Membership is open to all men and women who are baptized persons, over 18 years old, in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, and are joined with Christ in the Church's visible structure by the bonds of profession of faith, of the sacraments, and the Church's ecclesiastical governance. (CC 304, § 7).

Art. 5.  To insure that members are fully aware of the association's purpose and duties, persons may request membership only after having read statutes. (CC 307, § 1)

Art. 6.  Members always retain the right to leave The Family of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. This is done by notifying the Moderator of the association in writing. (CC 308)

Art. 7.  Persons may belong to other private/public associations during their affiliation with The Family of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. (CC 307, § 2)

Manner of Action (CC 304, § 7)

Art. 8.  Following the example of Saint Therese members consecrate themselves to the Lord and aspire to:

       a. manifest complete trust in the mercy of God;

       b. strive to be humble as a child before God;

       c. seek to raise one's mind and heart to God continually;

      d. perform the daily tasks of life for love of God and neighbor;

      e. promote the Little Way of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus;

      f. perform spiritual and corporal works of mercy;

      g. be obedient to the Supreme Pontiff and the lawful Superiors of the Church;

      h. be involved in activities of one's parish.


Manner of Formation (CC 304, § 7)

Art. 9.  Affiliation with the Family of Saint Therese begins with a year of candidacy in which the candidate familiarizes him/herself with the association and its purpose. During this year the candidate learns the teaching of the Little Way of Love of St. Therese of The Child Jesus and observe the Statutes of The Family of Saint Therese of The Child Jesus. Following the year of candidacy, a candidate may decide to make a promise of membership. 

Formula of Enrollment


       "I, N.N., having freely requested enrollment into The Family of Saint

       Therese of the Child Jesus, and been accepted by its leadership, do hereby

       promise, in the presence of N.N., Moderator, (or delegate) to observe

       faithfully according to my abilities the statutes of the association for the

       rest of my life. I pledge to employ the gifts I have received from God for

       his honor and glory, to proclaim Christ's Gospel by performing life's daily

       tasks with love for God and neighbor, to devote myself to the sacraments,

       especially the most holy Eucharist and Penance, and to pray and perform

       spiritual and corporal works of mercy under the banner of Saint Therese of

       the Child Jesus. I ask Saint Therese to guide me, with purity of intention

       and with detachment of self for the good of the Church."


-          Art. 10.  Continuing formation for permanent members consists in:

-          Learning and practicing prayer.

-          Studying  and meditating on the Sacred Scriptures, Catechism of the Catholic Church, basics of the Little Ways, Basic theology, Saint Therese Biography.

-     Learning about and  participating in the sacred liturgy so as to worship God worthily;

-          Studying documents of the Church pertaining to consecrated life and spirituality.

-          Holding firmly the character and spirit of the Association, its purpose and discipline, its history and life.

Art. 11.  Meetings

The members meet monthly on a chosen date and in a chosen location.

               Format of the meeting:

- Studying the Gospel of the day

- Studying the Little Way doctrine

- Sharing personal experiences

Governance and Center

Art. 12.  The Family of Saint Therese is governed by a Moderator, along with two to six officers called "Chancellors." Depending on the number of members(CC 324, § 7)

Art. 13.  The Moderator and Chancellors hold their positions for 2 years and they may be re-elected or re-appointed. They are free to resign at anytime. This should be in writing.

Art. 14.  The Moderator duties shall include:

          a. accepting memberships;

           b. appointing Chancellors from among those recommended by a majority of members.

           c. representing the association to other entities;

           d. maintaining the integrity of the association's statutes;

           e. other duties which serve the purpose of the association.


Art. 15. Chancellor duties shall include:

           a. election of the Moderator;

           b. supporting the work of the Moderator as needed.

Art. 16.  When the Moderator's position is vacant, the Chancellors shall elect a new Moderator from among themselves as soon as possible. The new Moderator is appointed after a 2/3 majority vote.

Art. 17.  The association's physical headquarters is located wherever the Moderator resides or a chosen location.

Art. 18.  The Moderator, with the advice of the Chancellors, may determine the proper administration of goods of the association which must be used for the purposes of the association. (CC 309; 210)

Art. 19.  The Moderator and Chancellors shall present to the local ordinary for

confirmation a name from among the priests exercising legitimate ministry within the Archdiocese to serve as spiritual advisor to The Family of Saint Therese. (CC 324, § 2)

Review & Amendment of Statutes

Art. 20.  The association shall, after an appropriate period, request a review of its statutes by the local ordinary in order to request juridical personality. (CC 312; 322, § 1, 2)

Art. 21.  Once approved, in respect to Church authority, the statutes shall remain open for ecclesiastical review. (CC 299, § 3; 305, § 1, 2; 322, § 2)

Art. 22.  If changes are to be made to the approved statutes, the Moderator shall propose the modification to the Chancellors for ratification by a majority vote. Once passed, the changes shall be added to the statutes as dated addendums.

Art. 23. For everything not expressed or regulated by these statutes, the rules of Canon Law are to be applied.

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