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Saving Unborn Baby Lives

Persuade the woman who intents to have an abortion to keep the baby until it is born and give it to the Family of Saint Therese- FAST.

After the baby is born, FAST will raise him until he is grown up.

The saved person will be a member of  FAST and support the Saving Unborn Baby Lives Program by contribute 10% of his income to FAST.

The method of implementing:

  1. Asking the collaboration of Pastors, Religious Orders.. to find cases.
  2. Establishing Loving Homes
  3. Promoting the Program to the public to have financial support.
  4. Searching for adopted parents.

-          The first child of FAST is born on November 16, 2006 in Cho Moi, An Giang , Vietnam. Her name is Sao Mai ( Early Morning Star )

Sao Mai and Sister Therese Lan



The Family Of Saint Therese in Luong Hoa, Saigon City's Suburb where the babies are being raised.

The women like this lady agreed to stop abortion and give the child to FAST

Every amount of donation is welcome.

Or  you could be a Adopted Parent by:

-          Giving financial support yearly. The first year is $80/month. The next years will be less.

The support  agreement will be renewed every year. You could stop or continue to support.

You will be provided pictures, video and news about the well being of the child.

Please contact:

Deacon An Thanh Vu


P.O. BOX 13237,

Portland, OR 97213

503 267 6053,,

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