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Deacon An Thanh Vu started the Family of Saint Therese in Portland from 2005

3601 SE 74th Ave

Portland, OR 97206

Chancelor: Laura Patton + Melba Ganaban

Imbued by the passion and zeal of humility and endearing love of St. Therese of Lisieux or dubbed as St. Therese “Little Flower”, Deacon An Vu stoked the fires by inspiring the parishioners of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Portland, Oregon.
In 2005, Deacon An Vu invited parishioners and interested parties in his home in his mission to help and serve the elderly and the poor. One of the mission is to feed the hungry and by distributing rice and feeding their souls with the spirit and words of St. Therese in her little ways. He held separate meetings in English and Vietnamese.  With his steadfast faith and persistent dedication, his efforts bore fruits and he organized and established the Portland Family of St.  Therese. The Portland family partnered with the Philippine family and this collaboration gave birth to the STEP (St. Therese Elderly Program). This program aims to provide rice rations to the poor and elderly. The group goes out to teach and pray the way of the St. Therese during times of sickness, loneliness and penury. The family of St. Therese visits and prays over ailing seniors including those with mobility problems. In this mission, the family of St. Therese has gained not only followers but converted non-believers in its vision and purpose.
To date, after four missions in the Philippines, from 2006 to the present, it served over 300 seniors who benefit in its rice distribution. The Portland group is scheduled to visit the Philippines in October 2015.
The Portland Family of St. Therese meets every second Tuesday of every month. We read the gospel, sing, share, meditate and reflect the word as it applies to us in our daily lives and as it relates to the works of love and actions and teachings of St. Therese. In addition, we value the “little ways of love” she has shown to all and how it made an imprint in our daily lives as well as the lives of others.
Through the years, we have increased membership of Family of St. Therese by affirming new members like Sr. Emiliana Moshe and the Holy Spirit Sisters and Deacon Jose from Gresham Oregon who has joined the family through invitation of Deacon An Vu. Other highlights of  the family including celebrating the feast day of St. Therese in October every year when we have distinguished clergy such as Archbishop Emeritus John Vlazny and  Bishop Kenneth Steiner to name a few.  Noteworthy is the role of the Vietnamese community in Portland who has time and again, gave their talents in liturgical singing, dancing, and flower offering. After mass, we celebrate with food, fellowship to all gathered in the Our Lady of Sorrows parish gym.
We have made the family of St. Therese a solid symbol of hope, love, compassion, and service to the elderly, to the poor and to all who seek and honor her as their guardian, protector and guide in their daily lives.

The first group of The Family of Saint Therese was formed in Portland Oregon in 2005.

The members gather monthly to study the Gospel of the day, sharing their personal experiences. There are two groups: English Speaking and Vietnamese Speaking. The two groups meet separately .

On the day of the Recognition Mass on March 6, 2010

Bishop Joseph Nguyễn Chí Linh, Bishop of Thanh Hoa Diocese visited the Family in Portland, Oregon June 2014


Archbisop Emeritus John G. Vlazny celebrated the Feast of Saint Therese on October 5, 2014 at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish.

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